Amazing Facts On ScienceMy name is Edwin De Jesus and is my purpose to develop this blog which I called Amazing Facts On Science ( or in Spanish version), and will discuss science and technology that is precisely what is to be treated. Among other things, will present news related to science and technology in order to arouse interest and curiosity of those where I intend to display rather the philosophical part of it. I will be presenting an outline from my point of view which could conflict with the view of the reader and is the goal, arising out ideas of both parties. I will not be the all but I will be vehicle to transport the idea.

The world we live in, especially the subatomic particles have been seen through the glass that we look. For example, at the time of Newton the people thought that space was filled with a substance called ether, and the light traveled through that substance. Einstein came to change the picture when he said the light, and now known as electromagnetic waves traveling through space in a vacuum. However, lately in the world of subatomic particles is evaluating the possibility of a particle called the “God particle” known as the Higgs particle, and according to the scientific these particles forms a field throughout the universe, and again is not empty space although not yet found evidence of it, and if the scientific not find any evidence, the subatomic particle theory would go back a few decades.

It is therefore my interest to motivate the reader to think, to give his version, to deepen their thinking, to understand that not everything is known, to learn to accept challenges, not to think as I thought when I took my first  chemistry class, that I thought that everything was done and when “awakening” I felt anger because no one had told me the true about the knowledge, or not think as the Manager of the U.S. Patents Department many years ago that he thought everything had been invented, and from there to here millions inventions have been made. That’s why the phrase that accompanies this blog at the top side , “Science, Technology and Something else.”

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